International Sales

We have just sold yet another one of our TV series, The Petrol Age to our distribution partner Sky Vision to go alongside recent sales of Britain and Ireland from the Sky in 3D and 2D and Now That’s History!


Now That’s History!  on Sky One 

A 20 part factual entertainment series exploring characters and life-changing events which dominated the news between 1982 and 2001.  Through the use of an innovative graphical display of archive footage with compelling narrative from a range of celebrity contributors and set to the notable music of that year, this series provides a nostalgic, informative and memorable trip down memory lane.


For The Boy

 In December 2012, Bigger Pictures hosted a hugely successful grand party in Malta to introduce our project For the Boy, a feature film set in wartime Malta.In 1942, Malta was the most bombed place on earth and the whole country was awarded the George Cross in recognition of the suffering they endured and the stoic way they put up with their many challenges, including near starvation while the island was under siege.Inspired by real people and events, For the Boy  follows the parallel war stories of a British Spitfire pilot and an Italian human torpedo until they come face-to-face at the dramatic climax in Malta’s Grand Harbour. Our historical consultant is James Holland, author of Fortress Malta and the recently shown BBC documentary about the 1942 siege. This will be the first major feature film about Malta’s war to be shot in Malta since the 1950s. We look forward to bringing it to the attention of the Maltese people and securing their support in bringing this exciting project to the screen.


Ellie Screenings

Ellie Still

Our short Ellie is still being shown round the world –  in up and coming festival The Palace Short Film Festival and London’s East End Film Festival. Expect big things from director Chris Dundon who recently participated in the Edinburgh Talent Lab with one of his feature projects! Exciting stuff!


Exhibit A Poster

Exhibit A Review

The lovely folks at Close-Up Film have written a review of our award winning feature film Exhibit A. Read it and watch the film here


Petrol Age

The Petrol Age

You can still catch our four part documentary The Petrol Age on Sky Atlantic!

Petrol Age