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Exhibit A

Exhibit A PosterWinner of the Raindance Best UK Feature Award and nominated for 3 British Independent Film Awards including Best Production.

Exhibit A is the seemingly unedited tape taken from a video camera at the scene of a murder. It tells the story of a family disintegrating into an unimaginable nightmare.
We witness the chilling events that unfold through daughter Judith’s video camera, which subsequently becomes known as Exhibit A

“A masterpiece of gradually escalating horror” Sight & Sound

 “Truly nerve shattering… one of the best of the year” Indieflicks

“Pantwettingly scary” Empire

 “The overall transition from unnerving character study to full-blown horror is subtly and disturbingly achieved” Total Film

“The single most harrowing thing I’ve seen since Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible”

The film starred Bradley Cole (who was nominated for a Best Newcomer BIFA for the role), Brittany Ashworth, Angela Forrest and Oliver Lee, and was written and directed by Dom Rotheroe (My Brother Tom).

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